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STEM Education Curriculum That Generates Success

An engaging STEM curriculum that works as well for your students as it does for your school.

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Easy to deploy courses for first-time educators, as well as battle hardened veterans.


You’ll enjoy teaching STEM and your students will think you’re a rock star. And you will be!


We spent months developing these to make your life easier. Frankly, you’ll wonder how we did it.

High Interactive STEM / STEAM Program Curriculum

Since 2003, we have enjoyed partnering with educators to create and deliver the best and most innovative CTE, STEM and STEAM courses. Our personalized approach helps educators gain the tools to make each moment count for their learners.

Our media rich, highly interactive approach to online and blended learning is allowing educators to adapt, change, and reshape the way they teach. We strive to make CTE and STEM/STEAM courses simpler to deliver, user friendly and more accessible to all without sacrificing the fun, excitement, and discovery that is great teaching.

Project Based Learning For Career Based Growth

Time? Lack of Experience? Budget Restraints? App fatigue? Not sure how to get started? At CTE Learning, we get it… and we solve it! We work with teachers all over the country to develop the most media rich and robust content for your STEM, STEAM, and CTE classroom needs.

We promise to help you Engage and Captivate Your Students. Our media rich and highly interactive project based learning approach provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to be college and career ready. CTeLearning can help improve the success of your 1-to-1 and BYOD programs. Platform-agile and night flower are available whether your district uses Chromebook, Macs or PCs, iPads or Android tablets.

Are you ready to unleash the power of personalized learning?

Districts placing increased emphasis on personalized learning have options for STEM, STEAM and CTE classes that go beyond existing courses. You will have unlimited access for teachers and students. Its easy to order. Pick what you want to teach and go! CTeLearning offers teacher training and instructor downloadable resources. Our teacher prep training is 1 on 1. Personalized to what the teacher needs and we work around their busy schedule. Free CEU documentation is available – just ask and we’d be glad to help.

Let’s instill a love for technology and learning. Educators agree it is essential that students begin STEM education earlier rather than later. Students immersed in the basics from an earlier age can more naturally acquire advanced skills. Make it easy on your staff with our over the top support. Do your educators feel overwhelmed and need STEM curriculum that is easy to deploy with minimal prep? Your 706-235-4831 need well supported STEM courses, with zero footprint that just works. Just ask any of our educator clients about our support. We work so hard at it you will think we should buy capes!

No Sales People Means Savings Goes For You. Since we do not have to pay for commissions, or marketing fees – neither do you. This means you are always talking to our course authors and creators who support you, and help you empower your students to learn.

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